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Starek Photography

Misty Woodland

Although in the beginning Starek Photography focused on nature and wildlife photography, our team wanted to explore a type of photography in which we could engage and interact with our community.

Over the years we partnered with several organizations to provide photography services for their events. Some of those events were weddings, and that's where our interest in wedding photography was born.

Today, Starek Photography provides professional wedding photography throughout California.

We find great joy in knowing we can serve our Brides and Grooms, providing them with breathtaking images that they will feel proud to share with loved ones for generations to come.


Robert Pimentel

Robert's Headshot_Social Media (1 of 1).

Founder & Lead Photographer

After thirteen years of working in Hollywood, I wanted to invest in a career that would allow me to use everything that I had learned working with cameras and lighting, so switching to photography was a no-brainer.


There are a few differences between motion pictures and stills but the lighting concepts remain the same. I purchased a photo camera and started my journey photographing landscapes and wildlife throughout Southern California.


After a few years in photography, I discovered that the fast-paced world of weddings kept me challenged to perform my best every single time.

I love coffee, french bulldogs, and I'm in love with my wife...although she prefers to drink tea. Together, we love Jesus.

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